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We work together to understand your training program, then we collaborate on the most effective ways to phase in the additive program to yield the most benefit to trainees, trainers, and your company.

This is accomplished by modularizing the experiences, so trainees are guided through their development, with the option of focusing on areas that require the most attention.

Below is an example of how our program works into client training programs.

Production Timeline (approx)

First few days

Day 4 - 7

Days 7 to 12

Days 13+

Trainees are usually engaged in HR and welcome to the bus initiatives.

DoT complements these activities with our introduction to the bus modules including, the 7 zones,bus tour, and welcome to the driver cab.  

Relevant DoT modules include wheel well, engine, and interior walk through including safety & emergency.

Trainees learn the core controls, start on-bus training, and begin learning the medium complexity requirements.

Trainees get involved in the more complicated aspects of their Class-B Pre-Trip CDL requirements.

DoT modules include multi-step programs including air supply, ramp deployment, and hidden components.

Trainees typically have the basics down, now it's time to practice and fill in the memory gaps.

DoT experiences offer as trainees the ability to focus their efforts on particular weaknesses, and self-test.
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