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Welcome to the KCM bus!

Our Gillig Hybrid Electric for KCM is ready for testing this week, and will be virtually deployed at the KCM training center for initial testing across multiple devices including PC, VR, PC-VR, and mobile devices.

This render of the bus is taken from a screenshot of the virtual experience. It's looking rather splendid, don't you agree?

Notice how details matter. This next image shows how we replicate the digital twin of the bus down to small details including placement of graphic stickers and informational decals.

Let's take you on a tour

This side view shows the main passenger doors and escape windows.

VR allows users to get views from places that you typically can't. This view shows a crouched view of the rear passenger side... notice the number of panels.

Around the bus are numerous panels. In the virtual reality version, each of these panels can be opened to reveal what's inside. Here's an example detailing 4 options for the rear.

This bus will be used for pre-trip training, yet will also be compatible with our driving simulators. The pre-trip suite leverages the 3D bus on mobile, pc, vr, and pc-vr. We'll report more on those in upcoming posts.

Until next time... which will will report on the interior.

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