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Class-B CDL


Our Class B Pre-Trip Inspection Training Library:

  1. Bus in your Pocket

  2. Mobile 3D Components

  3. Mobile AR Components

  4. Interactive Web based Modules

  5. Guided Bus Tour (Step by Step W/Audio)

  6. Free Roam Tour (Self Guided W/Text)

  7. Multi-User Virtual Bus (Trainer/Trainee)

  8. Class B Exam (Practice Test)


Our DoT Virtual Reality Pre-Trip Inspection Training has been  designed to provide the trainee with an immersive and interactive way of learning.


Our course requires the trainee to physically perform the objectives in virtual reality exactly as they need to perform them in order to pass the State exam.

It’s learning reimagined.

Driver dash (1k).png


"Our Pre-Trip training was designed in collaboration with MXT, thus delivering expertise in driver training and technology"


"For the 1st time, our most recent class just had a 100% pass rate.  That is a $50,000k+ saving, while enticing new drivers and making better safer drivers on our roads"


With our optional self-test and fully tracked assessment options, trainees and trainers can monitor progress

PreTrip FR engine.png
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