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Modules in our ZONE Skills Training Library:

  1. Urban

  2. Rural

  3. Freeway

  4. Highway

  5. Closed Course


    Railroad crossings

  7. Busy Intersections

  8. School Zones

  9. Construction Zones

  10. & more

Master Location-Specific Skills with Zones

Zone Skills offers a comprehensive suite of driver simulations tailored to specific environments, allowing you to learn and practice essential skills for each location. Our diverse zones include:

  • Freeway: Navigate high-speed highways and master lane changes and merging.

  • Rural: Tackle winding country roads and handle rural driving challenges.

  • Urban: Maneuver through busy city streets, mastering urban driving techniques.

  • Closed Course: Hone your skills in a controlled environment with various driving challenges.

  • Schools: Safely navigate school zones and practice pedestrian and school bus interactions.

  • Construction: Learn to navigate through road construction sites and handle temporary traffic patterns.

  • Reverse Course: Perfect your reversing skills in a variety of scenarios.


The zone modules offer drivers the opportunity to use VR & 2D driving simulators to increase their confidence when driving in trainer-designed special zones.



Zone Skills offers a comprehensive suite of driver simulations, including freeway, rural, urban, closed course, schools, construction, and reverse course environments. Perfect your driving skills with location-specific challenges, from navigating high-speed highways to mastering urban streets and safely maneuvering through school zones and construction sites. Elevate your driving proficiency and prepare for any situation with Zone Skills simulations.


Our ADVANCED SKILLS TRAINING was designed by bus driver trainers, and improves the driver's ability to acknowledge and prevent potential accidents by training them to anticipate the many different risk situations they will encounter while on their routes.  

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