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Bus Driving Training

From foundational core maneuvering skills to advanced driving scenario training, our hardware caters to every size space, and our software modules cater to new recruits, seasoned drivers, and veterans alike, offering safe practice environments coupled with instant feedback.

Lifecycle Learning

Our driving suite combines hardware and software to provide trainees with a comprehensive platform for mastering essential driving maneuvers and familiarizing themselves with a bus's capabilities in a safe and secure setting. Whether using a single monitor, multi-screen setup, or virtual reality (VR) simulation, our software seamlessly adapts to all formats.

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The Knowledge

Kickstart your driver training with our comprehensive learning modules. From the driver’s seat perspective, we cover everything you need to know.


Core Skills

CORE SKILLS equips new drivers with the ability to expertly maneuver vehicles. By training new drivers to anticipate diverse risk scenarios encountered during their routes, we ensure safer journeys and lower risk.

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Situations & Scenarios

Rev up confidence with our dynamic situational awareness training! Trainees get unlimited practice opportunities until they’re road-ready. 



From local and remote instructor screens to multi-user experiences and self-assessments, DriversofTomorrow (DoT) offers continuous improvement options.

DoT driving simulator scorecard

Driving Simulators

DoT offers a variety of simulator options to fit any room size and budget. Our LearnerVR simulator, roughly the size of a chair, is ideal for mastering basic knowledge. Trainees can then advance to the DriVR, the world's smallest footprint simulator, or one of our multi-monitor simulators, all of which are VR-compatible for enhanced immersion.

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