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DoT simulators are:

  • TECH - easy to set-up / turn-on / upgrade

  • FOOTPRINT - the smallest size in the world

  • QUALITY - best in class highest quality graphics with full Virtual Reality support

  • AFFORDABLE - using many off the shelf components make improvements, replacements, and upgrades a breeze

FLEXIBILITY: Our simulators allow users to seamlessly switch between multi-monitors and virtual reality functionality.

Your buses change and so do our simulators.  Our approach to virtual components allows you to change buses easily.  This results in a scalable, reusable solution that offers longevity to your training offerings.

We combine the simulator hardware with our software, offering the most extensive training programs.  These include teaching over 30 core skills, 100 advanced setting options, and an ever-growing list of scenarios - devised by transit operators and trainers. 

Whether you’re looking for refresher training or setting up a whole driver training curriculum, we have solutions that will fit your needs for today and tomorrow.


DoT Simulators:

  • Are designed to operate buses safely

  • Allow students to learn about the bus components, procedures, best practices, core skills, situational awareness, cognitive load, and scenario practices

  • Offer self-evaluation and allow instructors the option to help replay and revise learning

  • Cover the entire driving lifecycle, from bus awareness to Pre-Trip inspections, to maneuvers, incident avoidance, and advanced driving techniques

The art & science of the Simulator

We worked together with transit authorities to bring the driving simulator into the 21st century, and in doing so, we reduce the footprint, the cost, and the tech headaches associated with traditional approaches.


Virtual Sims = smaller footprint, increased immersion, less tech, and lower cost!

Our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulators redefine efficiency and affordability. By replicating vehicles virtually, they boast a footprint much smaller and are more cost-effective than full-size counterparts.

BETTER SAVINGS & QUALITY: Utilizing VR technology eliminates the need for expensive technical components, offering superior immersion and lifelike experiences. For the price of one traditional simulator, you can enjoy reduced space requirements and fewer technical complexities. Plus, you can fit up to four simulators in the space of one traditional setup, maximizing training capacity and cost-effectiveness.

DoT VR sim.png


Simulators for every need.

From compact chair setups to full-scale bus simulations and everything in between, our simulators offer versatility tailored to your needs.

Compatible with VR technology, our simulators utilize readily available components and boast seamless upgradability.

With streamlined technology reducing potential issues, our simulators provide a worry-free solution unparalleled in reliability.

Driving Simulator Photo

DoT SIMULATOR OPTIONS to suit your budget, room size, & needs

  1. Off-the-shelf complete h/w & s/w packages

  2. Custom steering wheels, dash panels,

    floorboards, and controls to mimic your vehicles
  3. Multiple monitor configurations

  4. Seat Hydraulics & Haptics

  5. Configurations to fit any space

  6. Virtual Reality compatibility for immersivity

  7. Pre-Trip, Core Skills, Advanced Skills, Scenarios

  8. Weather, Time of Day, Day of Year 

  9. Trainer Oversight Monitors and Replays

  10. Testing, Scoring, and real-time feedback

  11. Expandable, Scalable, and Future proof


DoT training solutions are adapatable for a wide range of hardware integrations.

Our software works with most standard controllers, steering wheels, and foot pedals, yet we offer custom components to give you the most realistic experience possible.

Mark VR screens (2k).jpeg


We have off-the-shelf options to fit your training room, yet if your particular bus model requires specifics, we can design custom hardware & software components to match your needs, making the virtual training as close to reality as it gets.



"Our training programs are designed in collaboration with and for our clients, thus delivering expertise in driver training and technology"


"For the 1st time, our most recent class just had a 100% pass rate.  That is a massive saving to our company and makes for  better drivers on our roads, while also attracting new drivers"


We have years of experience choosing the right tech to meet your requirements, can adapt based on tech you currently own, and can help create the best training experiences for the drivers of tomorrow


With our assessment programs, you can understand how much trainees use the virtual training programs, and track their progress

Still want more?

You've learned about the sims (hardware), the next step is to learn about the software... 

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