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Stronger Together

The Drivers of Tomorrow (DoT) Virtual Think-Tank is more than just a meeting; it's a beacon of shared knowledge and inspiration. Every six months, we invite you to join us for a transformative 90-minute journey, where your experiences, insights, and challenges become the catalyst for innovation and excellence.

Our sessions are a unique melting pot of ideas, focused on attracting new drivers, refining pre-trip routines, mastering core driving skills, navigating advanced requirements, enhancing testing and feedback methods, fortifying incidence avoidance, amplifying risk reduction, and elevating specialized scenario training.

At DoT, we don't just provide training; we tailor a learning experience that resonates with your specific needs while harnessing the collective wisdom of our partners and clients. We believe that every transit authority shares a common thread of challenges and aspirations. Our virtual sessions are designed to assemble diverse perspectives and promote an online forum where your observations and feedback help us evolve our program to better serve you and your peers.

This is more than a session; it's an opportunity to connect, to be heard, and to influence the next generation of bus driver training. Whether you're striving to attract new talent, enhance pre-trip pass rates, build foundational driving skills, or pioneer advanced training techniques, our roundtable discussions inspire growth, collaboration, and professional success.

Open exclusively to the Drivers of Tomorrow community, our sessions are not only transformative but also complimentary.  Your voice matters, and your experiences can help shape the future of driver training.

Mark your calendars for our next session in late August (final details TBD). We warmly welcome you to sign up below and join our community where your voice becomes the driving force behind our shared success. 

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