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Pre-Trip, CDL, & Driving Skills designed by Transit Trainers

MXT collaborated with training supervisors from Pierce Transit (PT) and King County Metro (KCM) to create our Drivers of Tomorrow (DoT) training suite.

The suite incorporates Pre-Trip training for PC, web, Mobile, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality... so trainees can learn from anywhere on any device in an engaging way.

We offer the suite to all companies of all sizes, and pricing starts from $500 per student per month.  If you consider the lost costs when students fail, that means most companies will more than cover their costs if just one trainee passes.  

In reality, we have observed better results than that, with improvements like increased knowledge, better retention, higher pass-rates, and work enjoyment.

Optional driver simulation training exists for core skills, advanced skills, and scenario training.  These driving sims are available for single screen, multi-screen, and virtual reality.

The Demo

Everybody has a story, and we would love to hear yours.  Every transit authority has different perspectives in regard to pass rates, test failure reasons, scenario training, and situational driving awareness.  We've designed our DoT training suite to cater to what matters most to you, your trainers, and your trainees.

If we have time, we'd like to show you examples of the following:


Mobile 3D & AR

Designed for mobile phones, these training modules help you take parts of the bus in your pocket, so you can refresh your memory anytime anywhere.

KCM tablet ipad 360 training (Medium).png

Web Training

Web training allows for digestible 5 minute learning modules that also offer self-testing.  This gives trainees that ability to gain confidence and practice anytime from almost any device.


Virtual Reality

Our VR offerings offer the most comprehensive modules, as either alone or in a group, you can tour the bus, interact with switches, go on a guided tour, and even practice your CDL Class-B pre-trip exam. 

Our Typical Installation Timeline

0 - 60 days

Around 45 days in

Approximately 60-90 days

90+ days

As soon as we have received a signed agreement, we can begin any customizations you need 

e.g. your bus, company branding, training nuances, etc.

However, there is also the possibility of starting with some of the training modules immediately.

We recommend a train-the-trainer session, so we can all get on the same page and help where needed

Your team and your customized solution is ready for full roll-out.  Every month after we recommend meeting to review your progress, address any customizations you may need, and ensure trainee and trainer growth. 

Throughout your susbscription, you will see quarterly updates, stats on usage and progress reports, and we will have regular meetings to ensure you are getting the most from your training suite.  

Our Goal is to build a driver community, so all members benefit from the insights of others

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