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3D modeling - behind the scenes

It's easy to overlook the fact the our 3D artists are literally that - artists.

They can concoct beautiful 3D models from mere diagrams and even sketches.

When you experience a DOT solution, it's easy to overlook the fact that every behind every pixel is a 3D modeled component that not only takes hours to make, it has to look so good that you don't even realize its a model!

Below are some behind the scene images of models in various stages of development

You may notice that at close inspection round surfaces aren't round, they are polygonal. That is because every edge, every corner, every pixel counts - when it comes to rendering in VR. Consequently, every edge and every material needs to be optimized to create a beautiful yet easy to render image.

Below is a closer look at an object with lots of round edges, in this case an air spring. As you can see, it is very symmetrical and crafted to reduce the total amount of polygons and tris.

These will soon be used in our vehicle maintenance programs as well as to help those taking their CDL tests.

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