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Let's take you inside the KCM virtual bus

It's one thing to create a digital twin of the bus, and yet a whole next level affair when you can walk around it, interact with it, and even stick your head deliberately into places you wouldn't dare in the real world.

The DICE (Dangerous, Impossible, Counter-Intuitive, Expensive) approach is something we leverage in all of our experiences, as it leads to a deeper learning through experiential interactions.

For today's blog, let's take a look at some of the details (screenshots) from the experience, of the inside of the KCM bus (not completely finalized, yet pretty close).

As you enter the bus, you are presented with a fully working and operable safety screen door. We won't tell you how here, but in our training modules, we educate you into it's proper deployment and use. Also notice the location of safety equipment directly behind the driver's seat.

As we take the driving seat, we observe the details undertaken to replicate the real bus. Every switch has a label, and every switch, knob, and dial can be interacted with. Further, it is important that every interactable replicates the real world, as that's the only way to ensure full training. In this case, each switch will affect what you can and cannot do with the bus, with the corresponding overhead lights working accordingly.

Also notice in this example, how the phone is turned upside down. This is a common driver approach, which we try to inform trainees as to why they should correct this. You'll have to go through our training to learn why this is important!

Finally. here's a work in progress view of the interior looking back. If you look carefully (and know your Gillig Hybrid Electric), you'll notice a few minor details that are currently being fixed for the roll-out next week.

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